Owl Eyes

a bridge to the other side

Maybe I do believe in signs - that the universe somehow conspires to provide us with guides or plant visually aesthetic material in perfect viewpoint to nudge you in that certain direction. It is quite mad to believe that two people are ‘meant to be’ or that destiny or fate somehow plays a part in an incredible almost fiction-like storybook type romance.
That I met you when I did…
But surely I was just a stranger to you as you were to me. How did we grow to be so close? Out of all the people I’ve ever known I feel more myself with you. And how did we end up here? Remind me again because it’s all a blur. 

Yes we were just strangers. But had I only known then what I know now about the way I feel for you, for us. I would have spent every moment kissing you, holding your hand, capturing your beauty behind the frames of a Nikon 5100 that most often casually sat around on a desk or in my bagpack. Because now I am left wishing I had more indispensable memories of the time we spent together, however short-lived. I should have thought to do it. But then, what good would it have done? We would still have this distance set between us and we would still feel this hopelessly star-crossed. Wouldn’t we?

We are from completely different worlds. If there was such a thing as a parallel dimension, you would be my mirror. You reflect the bad in me that I should change and highlight the good in me that I need to remember. 

I never told you this, but, I knew I loved you from the moment you held me on that deck as we watched the rain pour down unto the body of water that stretched out beneath us. My emotions were running high and with you I felt like I didn’t need to struggle and choke on my useless words as I always do to try and explain myself, to give reasons for why I grew so silent. You innately knew just what to do and what to say to comfort me. I felt liberated. I listened to your heartbeat the rest of that night it was the only thing that could calm me. 

We kissed for the first time that same night. I wonder if you remember it the same way I do. It felt like you were someone I’d known for a very long time, maybe an old friend, or a forgotten lover from some sort of past life. Embracing a complete stranger who felt more like home to me than any house I’ve ever lived in, I could never imagine anything more surreal. 

When you left.
I admit I was angry. Mad at you, mad at myself. I had these questions scattered in my mind. Why did you have to leave? Why did I? If we had been a little braver, we could still be doing all those things. Holding hands, skin against skin, staying up all night reminiscing about who we have been and who we are now and where we want to go, we’d be taking long walks and getting lost then finding our way back, but we’d be together. All I want is for us to still be together.

Now the anger has passed.
But I tell you this,
I miss you. Every single day. Every moment of my life that you’re not a part of and every morning that I don’t get waking up to your sunshine face next to mine, I miss you.
As much as the sun misses the moon.

I promised myself not to cry and not to ever think of you, because you left me alone on that beautiful island. I felt abandoned. But the days went by and you found ways to keep our connection alive and I felt less rejected. And here we are still worlds apart and each day I wonder when I’d get the chance to see you again. Until then, my dreams of you are all I have to get me by. 

All I do is get by. You will read this and you will realize I’m not all brazen and barricades, I’m not as strong as you probably thought I was. You make me vulnerable; when I’m with you I have no walls and that is why I love you. But I am also afraid of loving you, because I think you are the only person capable of ripping my soul apart.

La Boheme 
 (at Morrah st)

La Boheme
(at Morrah st)

We all want conversations worth writing into books.

"You are a dream boat of which floats freely on an endless blue lagoon, the people they try to understand you -mesmerized by your grace but drown in your complexity instead, your waters are unsurvivable," I speak as I watch his eyes transition into these, soft glowing mystical orbs that seem to accept the gravity of my words. He chose the wisest reply, "come on the boat and float with me, I could never drown you". And I knew he was telling the truth, because I was the only person who could understand his nature the way he understood mine. We would survive each others’ minds both equally deadly.


Everything about you

makes her want to cry

The girl is no illusion

her soul a careless butterfly

Castles forged out of envy

to barricade our every lie

A book is only fiction

until we unravel the cause

Wishbone surfaces from disaster

your dreams soon to be lost

We hold on to our truths

so hope may save our lives

A rebel at the helm

her belt wields the knives

My beautiful mama & baby me haha #oldtimes #babyme #young #childhood #sg #cute #haaai ✌😁

My beautiful mama & baby me haha #oldtimes #babyme #young #childhood #sg #cute #haaai ✌😁

           Dirty talking 

       don’t change the sheets

       Birds fall over their clumsy feet

       Rhythm is a dancer we

       can never keep up with;

          Yet we move our bodies all night

       to keep to her beat

       Our skin has met with pleasure

       but we’ve always wanted more

       To stand beside a hero, 

          and be his Goddess not his whore.

          Four years have gone by

       you remain a familiar face

       My mind forever wandering

       to our most secret place

       You spoke about a girl 

       you once knew;

          the magic, the passion, the sadness

       she had put you through

       If only we could be so lucky

       to have our hands meet

       Maybe, just for a little while,

          you and I could admit defeat.